TOTAL RAISED $35,102,064

Together with partners, MRBOB is building an open infrastructure for our digital economy, ready for humans and devices.


"Mrbob is the premier destination for the metaverse. The platform offers users multiple ways to generate income, build careers in Web3"
" we put MRBOb as our top token asset for 2024. The MRBOB token could end up surging and its future looks bright with the revenue predictions for Ai and the metaverse.”
Btcturk exchange
“MRBOB has all the rewards of a successful project. Part of their vision is to turn the traditional centralised meta & Ai tech model on its head. It's the number one token to buy right now.”


MR Bob that empowers game makers to create, publish, and monetize a myriad of unique experiences on a decentralized platform with cryptocurrency payments. With the support of millions of creators around the world, our goal is to make The Mr Bob the new standard in world building games, with millions of user-created 3D voxel assets and games available as NFTs on the blockchain. #MRBOB is solely for the public to earn, train, learn and be entertained throughout the MRBOB METAPLATFORM. it puts control of MRBOB token in the hands of true fans without the opportunity from outside influences.


Users can publish their voxel creations on the blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This open market will allow for the free trading of in-game NFT assets between different platform users (not just users of The Mr Bob ).
For example, external game developers could acquire these assets and incorporate them into their own games.
Creators will receive 100% of the price they set for their ASSETS, BOXES & AVATARS.

MRBOB is a virtual world where you can build and explore 3D creations, build and play games and socialize. The MRBOB experiences are currently being built by thousands of MBOB owners. Once they are ready, you will be able to explore the world on your computer, phone or VR headset.

Bringing digital assets to life Blockchains allow us to create records of information without having to trust a central, third-party to maintain those records. Cryptocurrencies are made possible by blockchains, but we can also use blockchains to store more complex information, such as unique game assets. The MRBOB Marketplace is a fully decentralized and open market where you can discover, buy, sell, and manage your parcels of MBOB

The earn aspect of #MRBOB is backed by the imposed 10% fee for all transactions. Half of this fee is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold. This system incentivizes our community of holders who in turn support MRBOB to make it a sustainable movement. The other half is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP). PLUS Earn from Stable MBOB from daily tasks and activities inside the MRBOB WORLD. 

All holders of MRBOB will earn more MRBOB that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding MRBOB coins in your wallet. Watch the amount of MRBOB grow in your wallet as MRBOB coin holders automatically receive a 2% fee from every transaction that happens on the MRBOB network.


Our team player alway finds effective ways to improve the product and process


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